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Welcome to The Ouroboros, an art and fiction archive
focusing on the pairing of Severus Snape and
Draco Malfoy. All creative works found within
these pages focus primarily on theSnape/Draco
pairing; however, other secondary pairings
(slash, femmeslash and het) are welcome.

Do note that many of the stories featured in this archive
are R or NC-17. Please also be aware of any warnings
for kinks or squicks that the author has indicated.

If you have any difficulties with the archive, contact
Femme at hpfemme @ gmail.com.

There are currently 20 stories in this archive.

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A Dragon's Calculations by elfflame (NC-17)
After the war, Severus comes to find Draco and take him home. Canon to H...

Favours by elfflame (R)
Snape has been asked to chaperone the Malfoy scion and his date. But what ...

What a Slytherin Does by Stepps (NC-17)
What a Slytherin does with his ambitions of power, control, and pleasure....

Wherein Draco is in a Room by simmysim (R)
Draco in a room. And Snape is there sometimes, too....

Doll Parts by charlotteschaos (NC-17)
"Snape thinks himself so clever. He thinks he has me right where he wants m...

Silver Cycle 3 by elfflame (NC-17)
Silver comes to visit Draco one day....

Platinum and Pearls by The Treacle Tart (R)
Pansy has a story to sell....

Darker Still by The Treacle Tart (R)
Severus becomes consumed by an image he was never meant to see....

Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy and all other characters and elements of the Potterverse are property of Joanne K. Rowling,
Bloomsbury, Scholastic, and Warner Brothers. No copyright infringement is intended.